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The purpose of the American University of Beirut, as an institution of higher learning, is to share in the education of the youth of the Middle East, in the service of its peoples, and in the advancement of knowledge.

The University emphasizes scholarship that enables students to think for themselves. It stresses high academic standards and high principles of character. It aims to produce men and women who not only are technically competent in their professional fields but who also have breadth of vision, a sense of civic and moral responsibility, and devotion to the fundamental values of human life. In its service to students,the University strives to realize the ideals of its motto: “That they may have life and have it more abundantly.”

The University has been dedicated since its foundation, and continues to be dedicated, to the cultivation of high ethical, moral, and spiritual values. The University believes in and encourages freedom of thought and expression. It expects, however, that this freedom be enjoyed in a spirit of integrity and with a full sense of responsibility. The University believes that each member of its community —students, faculty, staff, and administration — has the right to individual self-expression; it has not taken, and will never take, any action to infringe upon the proper exercise of this right.

It must insist, however, that inherent in this right is an obligation: the obligation of each member of the AUB community to give his/her colleagues the same right. Each has the right of peaceful dissent, but no one has the right to prevent those who disagree with him/her from pursuing their proper activities.

All members of the University are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the spirit of this declaration of policy, the regulations of the University, and the laws of the Republic of Lebanon, whose hospitality gives the institution the privilege of carrying out its educational activities within the framework of academic freedom.







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